Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Name: Yun Min
Contact: 9682 2910
Email: yunmin1998@ymail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1458641593&sk=photos
Blogshop: http://ablogshoppe.blogspot.comhttp://exception-online.blogspot.com/
Items bought: 4 telecoil bands

She bought 4 telecoil bands from me, and asked me to help her pay first. I agreed since it wasn't a very large order. After getting the stocks, I emailed her to inform her that her items had arrived, and asked her to arrange a meet-up with me, but she didn't reply. I smsed her the day after, and she kept saying that the timings that I could make it were either too early or too late. I gave her a range of timings from 1pm all the way up till 7pm, but every time, she would just say she couldn't make it. So then I asked her when she would be able to make it, but she would just tell me to decide on my own and sms her. Back then, I thought that maybe she was really very busy with her school or something, so decided to wait for about 2 to 3 weeks before smsing her again. The same thing happened, and she just kept saying that she couldn't make it for any of my timings. I emailed her another 2 more times, and smsed her to tell her to check her email, but she didn't reply any of my emails or smses. She's really irresponsible and difficult to deal with, and she has 2 active blogshops too. It states on her blogshops that she checks her phone every 20 min and her email every 24 hours, but if that's the case, why is it that I haven't been able to get a reply from her?


She recently emailed me back and claims that the second link above is her 'sister's' blogshop and that I must take it down because I'm being very unfair towards her 'sister'. She claims that she's currently studying in Australia and cannot settle payment for her items or the penalty for not replying, and in fact, doesn't want to pay because I didn't inform her that I would blacklsit her if she didn't reply. So she's trying to say that she'll only reply if I threaten to blacklist her? She also told me that her 'sister' is using her email and number for her new blogshop, but yet she emails and me with that exact same email. I mean, come on, even if you want to make up stories, come up with a more convincing one please. -.-

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