Monday, August 8, 2011

Personalised Name Stamp (Zodiac)

$7 each 

SAC01 (Rat)

SAC02 (Ox)

SAC03 (Tiger)

SAC04 (Rabbit)

SAC05 (Dragon)

SAC06 (Snake)

SAC07 (Rooster)

SAC08 (Horse)

SAC09 (Sheep)

SAC10 (Monkey)

SAC11 (Dog)

SAC12 (Pig)

Self-inking stamp
Lasts for at least 2000 stampings
Casing size: 35mm x 45mm x 19mm
Stamp Size: 10mm x 28mm
Ink Colours: Red, Blue, Black, Purple
(Additional $1.50 for stamp shape to be round)

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