Monday, October 10, 2011


A94 (F21 Hair Clips)
$0.30 each (BN)
2 for $0.50
A1, B1, C1, D1, D2, F2 SOLD. 

A91 (Angry Bird iPhone Button Sticker)

A51 (Heart Ring)
$5 (BNIP)

A62 (Dolphin Bracelet)
$5 (BN)

A15 (Telecoil Bands)
$0.50 each (BN)

A78 (Red Cute Tote Bag)
$5 (BN)

A84 (Bottle Cooler/Carrier)
$5 each
Each can hold 2 (maximum) 600ml bottles. Made of insulating material to keep fluid in bottles warm/cool.

B1 (Spongebob Tote Bag)

$10 (BN)

B21 (Authentic Clinique Purple Bag)
$8 (BNIP)

B3 (Winnie the Pooh Pouch)
$7 (BNWT)

B8 (FILA Pencil Case)
$8 (BNWT)
Bought at $19.90.

C7 (Pink and White Striped Crop Top)
$12.50 (BN)

B24 (Zebra Dress)
$8 (BN)

A3 (Cat head-Fish bone Earrings)
$1.50 (BN)

A4 (DIY Earring Bases)
$0.35 per pair
3 pairs for $1

A6 (Small Tiara)
$4 (BN)

A14 (Hair Clips)
$0.30 each 

A16 (Black Rubberbands)
10 for $0.50 (BN)

A19 (Pink Hairband)
$0.90 (BNWT)

 A46 (Light Purple Hairband)
$0.80 (BN)

A63 (Tweety Ring)
$2 (BN)

A64 (Dog Hairclip)
$0.60 (BNIP)

A65 (Star Pendant)
$0.20 (BN)

A83 (Levi's Badges)
$0.80 each
2 for $1.50

A86 (Forever Cross Ring)
$2 (BNIP)

A35 (Pink Notebook)
$3 (BN)

A38 (Paper Clips)
$0.25 each (BN)

A60 (Winnie Notebooks)
$0.40 each 
5 for $1.50

$0.40 each
2 for $0.70

 A68 (Bear Notebooks)
$0.80 each
2 for $1.50


A71 (Mickey Bookmarks)
$1 each


A76 (Monkey Bookmark)
$1.50 (BNWT)
Bought at $1.95 from Mini Toons.

A84 (Crayola Colour Wonder Kit)
$8 (BNWT)
Bought at $9.95

A52 (Fake 2-piece Racerback Tank)
Can fit up to S. Condition: 9/10

A57 (Red Star Spag Top)
Fits up to XS. Condition: 9/10

A47 (Mr. Greedy)
$1 (BN)

A48 (Mr Happy)
$1 (BN)

A49 (Little Miss Sunshine)
$1 (BN)

A50 (Mr Small)
$1 (BN)
Note: All are BNIP. The ones in the pictures are mine. 

A85 (Cat Keychain)
$1.50 (BNWT)
Bought at $1.90.

A45 (Solo Care Aqua Contact Lens Solution)
$5 (BNIP)
Retailing at $8 outside! Includes free anti-bacterial contact lens kit.

A34 (B2ST Balloon)
$3 (BN)

C16 (Crayola Winnie Colour Wonder Fingerpaints Kit)
$12 (BNWT)
Bought at $15.95.

C11 (Zebra Ruffled HWS)
$14 (BN)

B4 (Blue Shorts)
Tagged XS. Condition: 9/10

B5 (Black Bubble Skirt)
$7 (BN)

B12 (Brown Shorts)
Fits UK6. Condition: 10/10

B25 (Taiwan SpreeMini Skirt)
$9 (BN)

B22 (Debbi Panda Wallet)
$8 (BNWT)
Bought at $11.90 from Precious Thots. 

D1 (Teddy Bear Bag)
$15 (BN)

C3 (Blue Dress)
$12 (BN)
Free Sized. Bought at $18. Letting it go as it doesn't suit me. Very good material. 

C4 (Babydoll Checkered Dress) 
Free sized. Condition: 9/10

C17 (Floral Dress)
Free sized. Bought at $12. Condition: 9/10.  

C18 (Floral Pink Dress) 
Condition: 10/10.

C14 (Fake Halter Top)
Condition: 10/10

C15 (Sailor Top)
$15 (BN)

B9 (Floral HWS)
$10 (BN)

A105 (A5 Notebook)
$3 (BN)

A106 (Authentic 'Cars' Colour Pencils)
$4 (BNIP)

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